January 11, 2014

The Legend of Hercules: Movie Review

The Legend of Hercules is a laugh riot filled with flat dialogue, one dimensional characters, poorly crafted special effects and extremely muddled subplots. Kellan Lutz gives his utterly best, but is overshadowed by this gargantuan of a bomb.

    The Legend of Hercules follows the titular character (Kellan Lutz) as he is betrayed by his father (Scott Adkins), and sold into slavery. Hercules must rise above everything so he can . . . be with the one he loves (Gaia Weiss). This is an action-romance based on those stories of Twilight and Mortal Instruments, but that's as far as the story goes. The audience watches an hour and a half of Hercules acting like a teenager who can't be with his girlfriend. Every actor portrays a shell of a character. Kellan Lutz tries to pull this film out of the darkness, but even his character is dragged down by a script that should have seen the inside of a garbage truck a long time ago. 

    There is so much happening in this film that the hour and a half running time is too short. This film could have easily been spread out for another hour to develop characters and much needed subplots. However, what made this film bad is the quintessential piece in making a story, the dialogue. The dialogue makes this film the comedy it should be. There's a reason why the longest dialogue sequence only lasts for a few minutes. The director tries his best to conjure something from this lost cause by replacing the dialogue with action. Unfortunately, the action lasts way too long, and the special effects that accompany it are horrific. In one scene, Hercules breaks free of his chains and starts swinging them at his enemies in comedic fashion (think of an inflatable dancing man). Another scene, Hercules holds a lightning whip and, again, swings it around. The enemies are hit by something, even though they are never touched by the object that's hitting them. The one thing this film does benefit from is Lutz with his shirt off in every scene. Do they not sell clothing in his size?

    Nothing works. From the crummy special effects to the laughable dialogue and poor acting, The Legend of Hercules earns a special spot in the library of worst films ever made. Kellan Lutz uses his amateur acting skills to try and save this behemoth of mediocre film-making, but he's alone in the battle.

Good Qualities: Kellan Lutz, kind of. 
Bad Qualities: From the pile of crap script, the one dimensional acting, and the sub-par special effects. 

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