June 24, 2012

Brave: Movie Review

To be fair, this film beats Cars 2, but it still does not compare with any other Pixar heavy weight. As we have come to see, Pixar is losing steam. Next year, they are releasing Monsters University - which will most likely be a hit - and after that, The Good Dinosaur, for a 2014 release date. I am ready for the 2014 film, but not so ready for another Monsters film. It seems like, Pixar decides to challenge themselves every time they make a sequel (I'll get to this in another blog), but Brave was not a sequel. However, this film was put in front of the artists and challenged due to one reason - a female character.

June 12, 2012

Prometheus: Movie Review

I cannot review Prometheus without spoiling it. I cannot review any part of Prometheus without giving away so much. So, if you are coming into this review looking for a clean solid, non-spoiler low-down, then this is not for you.