June 12, 2012

Prometheus: Movie Review

I cannot review Prometheus without spoiling it. I cannot review any part of Prometheus without giving away so much. So, if you are coming into this review looking for a clean solid, non-spoiler low-down, then this is not for you.

Prometheus takes place around 80-90 years in the future. On Earth, two scientist (Noomi Rapace and Logan-Marshall Green) discover a star map from an ancient civilization. It is actually a star map that every ancient civilization has created and it all leads to one planet from away from Earth. And, that planet has a moon just like Earth. A group of scientists take off to discover where humans came from and that is the story that turns inside out and makes our minds blow up.

I can say, that from the bottom of my heart, this movie was one of the very few movies that made me actually think. The last movie that did that was Inception in 2010. Why can't we have more smart films like this and Inception?

The story starts off like we're watching Alien and even Aliens. It is slow, very interesting, has a robot that knows cool stuff, and then the story builds up, and up, and up, and finally we have the cutting of the string of tension. In this film, the tension is cut many times, only to build up more gruesome tension that we probably don't need.

This story jumps around with genres like no other. First it is sci-fi, then horror, then thriller, then action, then horror again. But it works when Ridley Scott takes the helm and when everyone thinks that this is not a prequel to Alien. But I'll get there in another review.

The best character in this entire film, is Michael Fassbender as David the synthetic being. He kills in every way that he plays this character. Sometimes you think that he has emotions, but other times you know that the emotions are basic and are just built in. One factor that intrigues me about David is that he is a robot that has the gene of discovery. He wants to discover knew things and it is not just for his masters, but for himself. He even asks, in a particularly interesting well built scene, what would a human do to discover where humans came from. Logan-Marshall Green simply says, "I'd do everything." 

This is in fact David's motive. He wants to know everything about everything. He is an ever taking information machine.

The next character to kill it is Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw. SPOILER ALERT. Any woman who can watch her boyfriend get burnt to death, have an emergency c-section, birth a face hugger, get stapled in her stomach and run around for an hour or two after having that c-section done, is the best woman in the galaxy to me. And yes, she does all that.

According to everyone, this film was made on a budget of 120-130 million dollars. I haven't seen these special effects in, well almost forever. These are the greatest visual effects I've ever seen. How much did Battleship cost? 250 million? and they couldn't get these special effects?

This movie makes me think so much, I can start my own book on the philosophy of Prometheus, and go over to Alien and think all about the mythology there. The actors are great, as I mentioned the two best right above, but Idris Elba and Charlize Theron killed it too with their roles. I tried to keep the review spoiler free, but everything about this film has major spoils and it is hard to write a review. But this film is one I'm going to buy on blue-ray. I'll buy a 3-d television just for this film, it is that amazing visually. If you want to hear about the mythology, there will be a review about that up very, very soon.


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