November 30, 2013

What Could Make Hunger Games: Catching Fire Better

   Hunger Games: Catching Fire is superior than it's predecessor, but every movie has its flaws. How could Hunger Games: Catching Fire be better? There's two biggies.


November 29, 2013

Oldboy: Review

    Spike Lee's remake of the classic 2003, Korean film, Oldboy takes away the mystery, creepiness, and beauty that the original brought to the big screen. Instead this film becomes a stripped down mess with its themes, violence, and story subdued for an American audience.

November 24, 2013

Hunger Games - Catching Fire: Review

     I had zero expectations going into this film. I thought the first film in the series was horrible and made my worst list of 2012. With that being saidHunger Games: Catching Fire, although with many flaws, was a drastic improvement in the Hunger Games film series.  

November 23, 2013

Dallas Buyers Club: Review

    Dallas Buyers Club is a well crafted, intense, epic about one man's journey with AIDS. This film keeps you tuned in until the very end with a brilliant cast, screenplay and direction.

November 21, 2013

TOP 10: Anticipated Films of 2014

   With 2014, only a month and a half away, it seems time to talk about the films I'm most excited for.

November 17, 2013

Charlie Countryman: Review

     As a love story Charlie Countryman is beautiful. As anything else, the film fails extravagantly.

What Could Make Thor: The Dark World Better

     Thor: The Dark World was a good Marvel film. Alan Taylor has transitioned well to film and has brought his Game of Thrones excellence to the big screen. So far, this film is the best Marvel film this year. But, every film has its flaws. What could make Thor: The Dark World better?


November 11, 2013

12 Years A Slave: Review

    This film is not for the lighthearted. 12 Years a Slave is a gruesome film that doesn't let the audience rest on its topic of American history that will never be forgotten.

Thor: The Dark World: Review

    Another Marvel movie jump starts my inner nerd. As much as I loved the first Thor, this one doesn't hit the same peak, but still gives audiences the charisma and thrill that its predecessor had.