November 17, 2013

What Could Make Thor: The Dark World Better

     Thor: The Dark World was a good Marvel film. Alan Taylor has transitioned well to film and has brought his Game of Thrones excellence to the big screen. So far, this film is the best Marvel film this year. But, every film has its flaws. What could make Thor: The Dark World better?


1.   Make Your Plan Clear To Us

     Why does Loki live at the end? Is it to please the fan girls? Theory Time: Loki is now king of Asgaard and kicks Thor out of Asgaard. Thor is either exiled to other worlds or sent to Earth where he officially becomes a member of the Avengers. Let's be honest, if Loki isn't causing havoc, Jane isn't in danger, or Asgaard isn't in peril, Thor will not be helping. So let's hope Loki returning is a sign that Marvel has a well planned idea on where Thor is headed.

2.   Focus Your Story: Weed Out The Unnecessary

     There were a lot of unnecessary things in this film. Primarily, Kat Dennings, Natalie Portman "trying" to date other men, Stellan Skarsgard's story arc, and the flashback of the Asgaardians and Dark Elves warring with each other to get the Aether.

   Let's begin at the beginning. Was the Asgaardian/Dark Elf war really necessary to show? What did it establish? It established the villain, the Aether, and what happened to the Aether. But, none of that had to be told in a flashback, and if so, it did not have to happen at the beginning of the film. I always love it when a villain comes out of nowhere and ruins the day. Then the audience learns about it at the same pace as the hero. Instead we get a lousy flashback that only serves as an action piece for the beginning of the film.

   Now, to the Natalie Portman of it all. For three years she has been on one date. We just happen to stumble upon Portman's, Jane out on a date. If it's been one year and the God of Thunder hasn't returned to sweep you off your feet, it's time to move on. If Wonder Woman came to me, kissed me and told me to wait for her and a year had passed then I would move on. It's not like we made passionate love to each other during her time spent with me. Jane and Thor kissed in Thor and that was it. If Thor loved Jane that much, he could take 5 minutes from his life to come down to Earth and say hello. I didn't agree with the love story presented to the audience. It was underdeveloped and just another plot point to move the Thor-Loki story along. 

   I know it's not your fault Kat Dennings, but you were as useful as a poopy flavored lolly-pop. She was only there to serve up one-liner after one-liner. Some of which weren't funny. She didn't help the story progress and became annoying a half of the way through the film. There was also a useless love interest where she has an intern. It got out of hand. Screenwriters, get your act together.  

   To the Skarsgard of the matter. Skarsgard's story arc was case and point on what was really necessary and unnecessary in the film. He was there for comic relief and to give the hero a way out during the final action piece. This way out was in the form of gravitational spikes that would . . . well, they would do something. I think it was to send Malekith to another world or something.   Unfortunately, the gravitational spikes were never fully explained. I would have been okay with Thor just beating the hell out of Malekith.

3.   Bring the Universe To Light

     Why does Earth have to be the center of everything? Even in a film that has about 15 minutes of Earth featured, Earth is still where the shit has to hit the fan. It's because Earth is the center of the nine worlds, but let the audience see what else the Avengers/Marvel universe has out there. I love watching action happening on different planets. Let us get a taste of what Guardians of the Galaxy might be like. Give us more action on strange planets like Svartalfheim, Vanaheim etc. 

4.   Let People Die! Stop Bringing People Back!

     Marvel is infamous for doing this and it is starting to get annoying.

     Oh come on! Loki is alive? Again? Does this guy ever die? It must be his character and not the actual screenwriters, because this is the second time Loki has survived death. I saw it coming too. It was a huge bummer.  Right when the Asgaardian scout came into frame on Svartalfheim, I knew that it was Loki. I was a bit more surprised at the very end when Odin transformed into Loki and the audience learned it was Loki talking to Thor. But why? This goes back to the grand plan of it all. Will Loki appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers 2, or Thor 3? Even if he appears in Thor 3, what will he be doing between now and then? Just let Loki die! Fans will get over it in time. 

     This also goes for Jane. Just let Jane die. There is no true love between Thor and Jane. It's all lust. They've been together for five days total! Let Jane die for the good of the franchise. Thor doesn't need a love interest and if he does, Sif is more than enough. Supposedly, there was a love triangle between Sif, Thor, and Jane. I'm telling you, who wouldn't want Jaimie Alexander as their queen? Just saying. I'd pick Jaimie or Natalie any time. Get rid of Loki and Jane. Don't be pussies. 

If you had anything else that could have made the film better, or if you disagree with anything, comment.

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