December 21, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks: Movie Review

   Saving Mr. Banks is an emotional thrill ride, with wonderful acting and an amazing story. Sure, I had my doubts, being a Walt Disney fan, but the film's direction was unexpected and I was amazed by how the story swept me into a beautifully crafted world of emotion and love. You won't leave this film with a dry eye.

    Saving Mr. Banks follows Walt Disney's (Tom Hanks) efforts to woo P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) into making her book, Mary Poppins into a movie. Traverse has no intention of letting Disney turn her book into a movie, taking Traverse back to her childhood memories and the problems faced with her father (Colin Farrell).

    The acting in this film is phenomenal. Every cast member brings their A-game, especially Thompson and Farrell. The chemistry and emotion between each actor is impeccable. You can't help, but cry, smile, or sing with the actors on screen. Tom Hanks acts like Tom Hanks. He has perfect timing, knows how to use his lines and delivers a fantastic performance as the late animation mogul, Walt Disney. Though I had my fears going into this film on how Hanks would portray Walt Disney, Hanks did Disney justice. There were bits of over dramatization, but Hanks wasn't afraid to show Disney's unnerving side. Another amazing talent and scene-stealer was Colin Farrell as P.L. Travers's father, Travers Goff. This is Farrell's performance of a life time and he nails it with every word and emotion.

    There were few pacing issues and most came at the beginning of the film during the transitions between the present day and P.L. Travers's past. As the film picked up thirty minutes in, transitions became seamless and the movie flowed perfectly through each beautifully directed shot. Mixed with the great dialogue and the emotions of the actors, there were at least four moments in the film when I teared up or cried. There were no useless characters or unneeded scenes. Everything fit well within the universe director John Lee Hancock has created.

    Sure, an odd tale to place on the big screen, but an emotionally scorching tale nonetheless. Saving Mr. Banks brought me joy, anguish, smiles and tears. From the actors to the cinematography, this film is beautiful beyond belief and finds a place in every person's heart.

Good Qualities:  Fantastic cast and beautiful direction
Bad Qualities:  Pacing issues at the beginning of the film.

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