July 3, 2014

Tammy: Movie Review

Tammy is a forgettable Melissa McCarthy romp about finding yourself, that outlasts its stay with lengthy jokes and a story that strays from its plot every chance it gets.

Tammy follows Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) as she has one bad road trip with her grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon). Tammy and Pearl's main objective is to drive to Niagara Falls. However, their journey takes them from jail to a lesbian Fourth of July party with missing all the beats in between. Most of the time, it felt that the screenwriters had great jokes and sets, but could never smoothly put the pieces together. Some jokes are hilarious, but McCarthy's talents are under utilized. Susan Sarandon puts out a few good laughs with great chemistry between McCarthy, but the jokes are too long. McCarthy tries her best with her improvisation skills and sometimes saves scenes from disaster. Unfortunately, the film is edited together so much that all her improvisation becomes bland and over used.

There's not much to Tammy. Sadly, no one will remember this film a month from now. Thankfully, this film is so plain and forgettable that it might not make any "Worst Of 2014" lists. Nothing really clicks here. The plot strays from itself every chance it gets, the characters have the normal finding-themselves dilemma that is clear as day and comes to a resolution way too fast to care, and character development hides itself within poor jokes and way too much improv. Melissa McCarthy tries to be funny, with great help from a senile Susan Sarandon, but the two stars are under appreciated by the director who mashes the story up into one giant, almost incomprehensible blob.

Good Qualities:  Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon at times.
Bad Qualities:  Story telling at its worse, poor character development choices, and lengthy jokes that don't know when to quit.

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