July 21, 2014

Sex Tape: Movie Review

A raunchy, B-movie comedy that plays it too safe. Sex Tape is like the kiddie roller coaster at a Six Flags theme park: slow, generic, but just enough to keep you somewhat entertained.

Sex Tape follows married couple Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) as they're in a rut in the sexual aspect of their relationship. To get the mood going, they make a sex tape, and very appalling, cliched shenanigans ensue. The story is a generic, quick cash grab stretched out way too long. The plot is motivated by the stupid decisions of Segel and Diaz, and the supporting cast is wasted talent, only popping up for classless gags. The "sex" is nothing more than bad camera angles and butt shots. The film stays too safe in its execution of anything vulgar. Segel is the most likable and funny character. He tries to bring lighthearted humor and depth to this heartless, mishap of a story. Diaz on the other-hand is here for her paycheck. She's not that funny and doesn't try to be, and the chemistry between her and Segel is non-existent. 

The film feels like one long improv night. There are some good laughs every now and then, but the film mostly falters as a comedy. In the end, I was walking out laughing at the film as a whole. Sex Tape isn't anything more than a bad B-movie with A-list stars and expendable supporting characters. 

Good Qualities: Jason Segel's acting, a few good laughs
Bad Qualities: Generic, generic, generic, poor story, weak characters, never risky.

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