April 8, 2015

Furious 7: Movie Review

Visually, Furious 7 is the most stylish film in the franchise, but underneath the glitz is a very tasteless, cliched film.

Furious 7 follows one last ride for Dominic Torretto (Vin Diesel) and his crew of street-racers-turned-mercenaries. Essentially this film is one large mash-up of James Bond and Mission Impossible, but with more focus on automobiles and less artistic quality. Sure, the franchise hasn't always been the arthouse type of film, but Furious 7 proves that the series is heading into an ambiguous black hole. Each film is now a reflection of its audience's psyche. Gone are the days where storytelling and character development matter. If an actor dies while during production, people will want to see that actor and remember that actor one last time. Throw a tribute at the end of the film with no care for the story. Iggy Azalea and booties are a huge thing, then throw in ten minutes of close-up shots of thongs hidden in cellulose, a-cup sized bras holding the weight of double-d breasts, and put in Iggy Azalea for good measure. This is a blockbuster so the appropriate audience wants loud music, the type of action that only gods can create, and a large cast of characters that everyone can relate to.

Furious 7 is fun and often thrilling. It's primarily the action scenes, and that's also the film's biggest problem. In a culture where studios role out action-sequel after action-sequel, storytellers must one-up themselves. With Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation coming out this fall, Tom Cruise has strapped himself on the outside of an airplane. Jurassic Park is now Jurassic World. The Avengers must destroy an artificial intelligence that is near invincible. Furious 7 goes from one insane action piece to the next, trying to outdo itself at every turn with average success.

Furious 7 works for the majority of moviegoers who don't care about anything except action. They just want their eyes assaulted with images of glass smashing, bones breaking, explosions, and bullets. This film delivers, but with many cliches and a tasteless Paul Walker moment.

Good Qualities: The action, the tribute to Paul Walker.
Bad Qualities: In between the action and tribute to Paul Walker.

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