June 24, 2013

What Could Make Man of Steel Better

Another segment of "What Could Make. . .Better." I have given myself a few days to think about the film and its flaws and I've come up with the cures.

Man of Steel follows the explorations of Kal-El has he tries to figure out who he is and where he comes from. All the while his enemy is planning something deathly for the people of Earth. Kal-El must hurry up and become Superman or he is going to have a hard time defeating General Zod.

1.  Script

To tell you the truth. I didn't have many problems with the script. I am pretty sure the script wasn't as crappy as the editing job done on this film. I'm also sure that the script was a lot longer than the film we saw. Almost all scripts have added scenes to make transitions easier, or have more depth. The film has to get cut because it is usually too long. Man of Steel was already verging on 2 and 1/2 hours. But, again, 1/3 of the film was action sequences and the other 1/3 was the Krypton scenes.

At the end of the day, every number below this one has to deal with the script and the decisions that Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer made with the screenplay and characters.

2.  Character Relationships

I thought it was just me that found the Kal-El/Lois Lane relationship development rushed. I asked my brother, I asked my friend, and I asked my girlfriend and they all agreed that there was nothing there. Sure, I found it interesting to watch. Especially, when Lois Lane and Kal-El just fell in love because of . . . well. . . it must have been love at first sight, because there wasn't anything else there. Just because Henry Cavill plays a great superman and Amy Adams plays a good Lois Lane doesn't mean that the two actors have chemistry. They don't . . . at least not yet. Since there is a sequel in the works, I can only hope that the creators decide on a much more focused storyline with the characters. But, then again, the sequel is suppose to help build up the Justice League.

There were a few relationships that I felt were grown throughout the film. Kal-El and Pa Kent had a great relationship in the film. It's because Pa Kent was the father that Kal-El had growing up. Pa was there for Kal when Kal revealed his powers to people on accident, or sometimes on purpose. Once Pa was swept out of the picture it was sad and almost made me tear. But, other than those few, many character relationships felt rushed or nonexistent.

3.  A More Confined Story  

I heard from a movie critic that the film was really tight and confined (Slashfilm.com). When I hear this, I think more of The Dark Knight, where you can tell the story is tight and confined, but in a good way. After walking out of Man of Steel, I found the film to be all over the place and really loose. It started great on Krypton, but crash landed on Earth and went everywhere. We go from Kal-El as a kid on Earth to him as an adult looking for his place in random parts of America/Canada. Then we jump to Lois Lane and then back to Kal-El doing his thing, then to General Zod and the U.S. Army. The whole film felt really jumbled.

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