June 1, 2013

What Could Make Fast & Furious 6 Better

If you haven't seen this film, see it. Fast & Furious 6 or Furious 6, is a link to so many of the other Fast films, and a testament to where the franchise is heading. Sure, back when Fast and Furious came on the scene everyone wanted to see fast cars race and women dress in lacy clothing. Nowadays, people don't really need all of that. Nowadays, a franchise doesn't need all that when a franchise has Justin Lin at the helm, and the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Vin Diesel. This franchise has been steered another way - a way of summer blockbusters.

This movie is a big ball of dumb-but-awesome. You have to throw your mind out and just watch this movie for what it's worth: a great tent-pole blockbuster. However, there were problems. Sure, I just said to suspend your mind from any stupid you see in this film, but the film lacks in major areas.


1.  Better Cars.

There are no memorable cars in this film. Sure, there's a Daytona, but what else? This is simple. Since this is a Fast & Furious film, just put in more cars. I get that the franchise is leading away from the street racing scene that was the first four films, but even Fast Five had amazing cars. Just bring back the cars.

Only good car in entire film

2.  Special Effects.

Was it just me or did some of the special effects seem really bad. One that stands out is the scene when Dominic rams his car into the median of the bridge and flies to save Leti. The whole scene seemed to be created by some B-version special effects studio. Even some of the car flips in this film were bad. Another example was when Gisele died for Han. Besides the fact that this scene was the cheesiest scene in the entire franchise (still sad though), it proved to show that the special effects were horrible. There have been great movies with different special effects studios, but this film should have went for Industrial Light & Magic, or Weta.

3.  Better Story.

This can be debatable. If anyone knows Lin enjoys doing, is creating large scale action pieces. He has wanted an airplane in his film since Fast & Furious. It finally came in this film, but it all felt very central to the point. The only reason Lin wanted to create this film was for the tank scene, the flip car scenes, and the airplane scenes. He just had to write a movie to make it happen and that is what it felt like. He came up with three great action pieces and wrote one of the worst scripts in the franchise - dialogue-wise. I wanted to laugh in so many scenes because of the dialogue. It was corny, cheesy, and too on-the-nose.

Just a few things that need to be done to help the story. We all have our opinions. Tell yours.

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